Now, more than ever before, L&D professionals struggle to capture the attention and meet the high demands of the modern workplace learner. Technology continues to drive forward engaging and professional digital interactions, raising the expectations of today’s learners. Many training organizations aren’t producing content that meets this ever-increasing benchmark, resulting in dismissive and uninterested users. Luckily, there are many techniques that can aid learning professionals in creating these mesmerizing modules.

In this session, you’ll discover how to create visually intriguing eLearning modules through unconventional uses of easy-to-create ambient video assets. Learn how to achieve this goal using Adobe Captivate and GoAnimate, or take the core principles home with you to your applications of choice. You’ll explore how Captivate can leverage video made in GoAnimate to create striking training modules with systems training, client scenarios, and even assessments! You’ll leave this session with a broad understanding of Captivate’s video features, as well as best practices when using GoAnimate to simplify content creation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the benefits of using ambient video techniques to enhance the professionalism of your training materials
  • How to identify areas that could benefit from ambient video techniques
  • How to properly implement ambient video assets in Adobe Captivate
  • How to leverage GoAnimate to create an easy-to-use workflow for ambient video assets
  • What pitfalls to avoid when working with ambient video techniques

Intermediate to advanced designers who: are able to create basic eLearning modules; have a basic understanding of working with media assets in eLearning rapid development platforms; are able to work with and edit video assets; and are familiar with Adobe Captivate and its workflow.

Technology discussed in this session:
Adobe Captivate and GoAnimate.