Deconstructing Games: Plants vs. Zombies 2

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FocusOn Learning 2017 Conference & Expo - June 20, 2017

Nick Floro

Learning Strategist
Sealworks Interactive Studios

Deconstructing Games is a new series of hands-on sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to play a game and then discuss how the mechanics in play can be applied in your own learning context.

Session Description:
In Plants vs. Zombies2, you are a homeowner who must grow, then use, various plants to prevent an army of zombies from entering your house. Each type of plant has special abilities for offense or defense, and each row of the game board requires strategy to protect your home.

In this session, you will explore Plants vs. Zombies 2 and how it shows ways to adjust in different scenarios. You will examine its game structure as a model for how to improve learning of content for success as well as learning through failure. 

Novice and intermediate designers, project managers, managers, and directors.


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