The innovative use of mobile learning products in education has significantly increased in recent years. Mobile applications are meant to be engaging and reach beyond the walls of a classroom. Instructors and educators can use these mobile apps to increase student learning. However, the value of integrating them into the overall training is unclear. Are there added values if the organization invests in mobile apps?

In this session, you will learn about a return on investment (ROI) evaluation case study, which determined the value of the mobile applications to the organization. You will explore each level of the ROI evaluation and learn strategies to overcome challenges associated with determining the value of the mobile apps. You will learn about the strategies that were implemented and the unanticipated values gained by integrating mobile apps into the organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to develop an action plan to overcome challenges of integrating mobile applications into the classroom
  • About options for determining the impact that mobile apps and interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) products have on student learning and performance
  • How to effectively collaborate with instructors and subject matter experts to develop a mobile app and/or IMI products
  • About the unanticipated benefits of integrating mobile apps and IMI products into the training environment

Novice to advanced designers, developers, managers, and directors.