All too often, new learning theories and technologies come along with little or no vision for how they complement existing approaches and strategies. As each emerges, learning leaders are left holding the bag, trying to make these new approaches work. 70:20:10 is a great math formula to throw around, with few disagreeing with its premise. The problem is taking it from theory to reality and integrating it into your existing ecosystem. 

In this session, you will explore the fundamentals you need in order to integrate the principles of 70:20:10 into your existing learning strategy. You’ll discuss everything from tools to change management. You will also discover the new and emerging roles this changing landscape is creating.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How 70:20:10 maps to existing learning theory and approaches
  • About its impact on your current learning team and their roles
  • About a change management strategy needed to make this a reality
  • About examples of methodology that enable it
Learning managers, directors, and leaders.