Spurred both by the growing popularity of video among learners and the availability of the production tools, learning professionals are increasingly producing their own videos. Most, however, quickly learn that video is very different from eLearning. Creating videos that can have a real impact on the workplace requires building new skill sets, and that journey begins with learning more about video scripts. Scriptwriting is essential to creating effective media but is often where workplace videos stumble, with script missteps adding time to the filming and editing process or even preventing a video from making the full impact intended. That’s why, before you pick up a camera and start filming, it’s vital to understand how to create a script that works.

In this session, you’ll explore what makes a truly great video script. You’ll start by examining the inherent characteristics of video and discuss why you need to take these into account when writing scripts. You’ll then find out about the elements of a well-written script and how to take optimal advantage of the microlearning video format. Dialogue and narration are key components, so you’ll look at specific techniques to increase engagement through conflict, contrast, and pacing, and you’ll review actual script samples to see how you can put these techniques into action right away. Finally, you’ll learn simple, easy-to-implement tips and tricks to extend the useful lifetime of any video product.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the characteristics of a well-written script
  • How to write to take optimal advantage of the video format for workplace learning and also for mobile viewing
  • How to increase audience engagement in your video through conflict and contrast
  • Tips and tricks that can increase the lifetime of your videos

Novice to intermediate designers and developers.


Session Video