You asked your voice-over artist for a natural, conversational recording, but what you got back is stiff and formal. You waste time going back and forth with voice-over talent about pronunciation or rewording. Too often, you need to re-record voice-over due to errors or confusion. You need a process to make your script writing more efficient and effective.

In this session, you will learn one proven technique you can use to avoid many voice-over script pitfalls, regardless of whether you use professional voice-over talent or record it yourself. You’ll also learn how to identify and correct common errors and how to adapt your writing style for more engaging, conversational narration. You’ll practice editing some sample scripts during the session so you can immediately apply what you learn. You will also receive a review checklist you can take with you and share with your team to improve the quality and consistency of your scripts.

In this session, you will learn:

  • A proven technique to avoid many voice-over script pitfalls
  • How to identify and correct common voice-over script errors
  • How to adapt your writing style to create more engaging and conversational voice-over scripts
  • How to format your voice-over scripts for easier, more efficient recording
  • How to practice editing sample script segments

Novice to advanced designers, managers, editors, and course writers. Experience working with voice-over scripts is beneficial but not required. Novice and intermediate designers will gain the most, but experienced designers and writers will still pick up a few new tips.