Cultivating the Learning Ecosystem by Connecting with Customers

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2017 - March 24, 2017

Adam Menter

Learning Strategy Program Manager

Autodesk’s learning ecosystem is vast, extending far beyond the walls of the corporation to help customers use its tools most effectively. It’s no surprise, then, that driving this change internally at a company-wide scale has been a complex undertaking. There are lots of silos to bridge in order to serve customers well, holistically, and seamlessly.

In this session, you’ll learn from the frameworks and principles Autodesk has used to connect, improve, and envision the future of its customer learning and community ecosystem. You’ll explore concrete examples of project successes, obstacles, and failures along the way so far. You’ll also look in detail at the research-based design process Autodesk used to understand its customers, their problems, and how Autodesk could help them. Through exploring this journey, you’ll discover how to stitch together a learning ecosystem that improves customer experiences, strengthens your communities, and drives customer success.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About new frameworks to describe learning ecosystems
  • How a big company can undergo massive change to orient around customers
  • Why it’s important to anchor what you create to customer needs and dynamics
  • How content and community strategy interplay to help make customers successful
  • How technology architecture and governance models can support this kind of change

Intermediate managers, directors, and senior leaders (VP, CLO, executive, etc.).

Technology discussed in this session:
Microservice architecture, APIs (including xAPI), community platforms, content management platforms, and engineering software.


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