Do you have a large number of similar courses to develop in a short amount of time? Is it painful for you to build one-off custom courses for material that just changes slightly? Would you like to build an efficient course development template so that all of your courses have the same look and feel, can be rapidly produced, and still can be customized? JavaScript with Storyline is the answer!

In this session, you will learn how to make JavaScript calls from Storyline and how to manipulate various screen elements (button labels, characters, page titles) from variables within a JavaScript file. You’ll first look at a sample JavaScript file and learn how to build it using simple text editing tools. You’ll then explore an advanced way to generate the same file using an HTML form page and SQL database. You can apply these techniques to other course development tools.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to call JavaScript from Storyline
  • How to manipulate internal Storyline variables from outside of Storyline
  • How to write a simple JavaScript file
  • About the power of JavaScript to rapidly make changes to a Storyline project

Novice to intermediate designers and developers. This session will use Storyline for all demonstrations; however, the techniques discussed can be used with any course development tool that supports JavaScript. A basic understanding of variables and triggers in Storyline would be helpful.

Technology discussed in this session:
JavaScript, Articulate Storyline, Microsoft Notepad, Adobe Dreamweaver, and SQL.