When was the last time you heard a term in your business but couldn’t really say what it meant? “Performance support” is popping up more and more, but can you really define it? Share the basic concepts underpinning it? Describe the business results other companies are experiencing?

In this session, you will learn a “primer” in the traditional sense: “a small introductory book on a subject.” You will explore examples of performance support tools, including a short, contextual history lesson. Finally, you will explore the state of performance support tools and tech, whether your budget is shoestring or enterprise-level.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the power of performance support to extend learning beyond the classroom
  • About the existing performance support body of knowledge related to methodology and architecture
  • About performance support tools and vendors that can address all budgetary constraints
  • Where to go for more information or to become a practicing performance support professional

Novice and intermediate designers, project managers, managers, and directors. No prior knowledge of performance support is needed.

Technology discussed in this session:
Performance support vendor platforms: Assima, Ancile, Panviva, Ontuitive, Epilogue, etc.; performance support systems built with Panviva and Ontuitive; and tools like HTML5, xAPI, and SharePoint.