When a new specification such as the xAPI comes out, it is important to understand the basics. And one of the most critical basics of the xAPI is the concept of statements: the way most xAPI data is communicated. Before getting started with an xAPI implementation, you’ll want to have a strong understanding of what statements are and how you can form them yourself.

In this session, you’ll take a close-up look at what exactly makes up an xAPI statement. You’ll start by defining the requirements for creating a valid statement. You’ll then learn how vocabulary and context can be assigned to a statement. You’ll also look at the optional fields that can be used to further define your xAPI statements. All of this will arm you with the basics you need to begin using the xAPI effectively.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What goes into a basic xAPI statement
  • How verbs can be defined for statement generation
  • How important context is when generating statements
  • How statements relate to activities

Novice and intermediate designers and developers.