“Blended learning” was one of the hottest buzzwords back in the day. In its infancy it was, at best, a design construct that focused on combining the best elements of face-to-face with eLearning. At worst, though, it merely gave the learner the choice of attending class in person or online. This was a cutting-edge approach at one time, but the tools and media for learning have expanded far beyond this. To get the most out of blended learning, you need to shift your thinking and look at how you can use all of today’s tools in the blend.

In this session, you’ll discover what’s beyond the traditional application of blended learning and dive into the next generation of this approach. With this new view on blended learning, your toolkit will move beyond just in-person classes and eLearning to include elements such as assessments for content personalization, simulations, mobile interventions, games and gamification, social learning, user-generated content, knowledge management, and yes, even performance support.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What makes next-generation blended learning work
  • What tools you should consider adding to your blend, and what the best practices for application are
  • How instructional intent applies to this next-gen blend
  • What modern blended learning solutions look like in action from real-world examples

Intermediate to advanced designers, developers, managers, and directors.


Session Video