When a new director of diversity and inclusion reviewed the courses offered at Johns Hopkins Medicine International, the eLearning development team was surprised to find out just how much work its content needed in order to be current and inclusive. Staff had thought they were practicing diversity and inclusion at a high level, but this review showed that they were way off the mark. Both this review and feedback from newer members of the team helped the eLearning development team realize the nuances to incorporating diversity and challenged them to do better.

While representing diverse populations and cultures in eLearning in challenging, there are solutions. In this session, you’ll learn from the journey Johns Hopkins took in improving diversity and inclusion in its courses. You’ll explore why diversity and inclusion are so important, how to add diversity to your online courses, what you can do to build awareness in the workplace and online, and how to make diversity a priority. In this collaborative session, you’ll share your own input about current practices and projects, learn about best practices, and begin the process of strategic improvement.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to add diversity to your courses
  • How to identify the benchmarks of diversity and inclusion for your workplace
  • Best practices related to diversity

Novice and intermediate managers, directors, and senior leaders (VPs, CLOs, executives, etc.).