PowerPoint is the basis for much of the training material you design and use, and yet it’s text-heavy, dull, and boring. That switches people off, and they don’t learn anything. It’s poorly used for in-person training, dreadful in webinars, and deathly when converted to eLearning. Quite simply, you can’t keep using PowerPoint like this. You can do better.

In this session, you will learn why using more visuals and animations is critical to making PowerPoint work, along with a process for visualization and some techniques in PowerPoint that can bring presentations and other training material to life. You will view a demonstration that you can use yourself, and you will leave this session with the ability to immediately create new and different uses for PowerPoint. Finally, you’ll get a free PowerPoint toolkit to kick-start your efforts!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to delight your audiences with compelling visual slides
  • How to create visual slides using the full range of PowerPoint’s tools to generate your own graphics
  • How to manipulate photos within PowerPoint so that they convey meaning
  • How to use animation, including sophisticated animation, to tell your story effectively
  • How to create, edit, format, and animate live graphs and charts quickly and easily
  • How to build slides faster by using toolbars and shortcuts

Novice, intermediate, and advanced designers, developers, project managers, and managers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Session Video