A large variety of eLearning authoring tools are on the market, and it can be difficult to determine which tools will meet your needs. Two of the most widely used are Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. eLearning designers and managers are challenged with determining which tool will fit their needs today and in the future as the demands for learning content change.

In this session, you will gain a comprehensive, objective review of both tools: their key features, strengths, and weaknesses. Categories include: interface, media, interactivity, quizzing, publishing, players, accessibility, file management and diagnostics, templates, import/export, localization, and pricing. You will learn about the basic feature sets of each and their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. You will also see example files and demos depicting the tools’ various strengths and weaknesses. A matrix handout will be provided for easy reference and comparison.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify individual strengths and weaknesses of both Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline
  • About the basic categories of features in both Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline
  • How to differentiate between key decision points for determining which tool works best in a given situation

Novice and intermediate designers, developers, project managers, and managers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Adobe Captivate (currently in version 9) and Articulate Storyline (currently in version 2).