Video is not a new medium, but not every instructional designer or developer intuitively knows how to create video or what makes it good. It’s important to understand the qualities that make for great videos. Organizations need data to drive decisions, and research is available to do just that.

In this session, you’ll look at the research from survey data and identify what makes a great video. The data also includes a review of exemplary videos sent by survey participants. This session will break down the research results, including a few recent updates. In addition to looking at the data, it will provide practical information to help any participant create better, and more effective, video.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Which attributes make video engaging, according to viewers
  • Why viewers stop watching videos and how to reduce the number of viewers who stop watching
  • How viewers tend to find videos and what creators can do to improve findability
  • Tips, tricks, and ideas for improving performance of video, especially for learning environments
  • Attributes of great example videos provided by participants in the research study

Novice and intermediate designers and developers.