The Experience API is an eLearning software specification that allows learning content and learning systems to communicate with each other. The xAPI is appealing to mLearning developers who seek accessible solutions for learner activity tracking. At the same time, considering how diversified the mLearning and training ecosystem is, solutions such as PhoneGap can enable cross-platform delivery. Combining both tools allows for the delivery of a cross-platform solution with the ability to track learners’ experience.

In this session, you will explore the rationale and benefits of using learning analytics and tracking learning experience. You will also become familiar with the development process of cross-platform mobile applications using PhoneGap and Ionic Framework. You will learn how to implement the experience tracking with TinCanJS library, allowing your system to store the statements in the SCORM Cloud server. Finally, you will receive materials that allow you to build your own mobile learning solution equipped with the experience tracking.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the significance of cross-platform development
  • How to prepare the SCORM Cloud server to receive the xAPI statements
  • How to include and configure TinCanJS in your application
  • How to use PhoneGap to build cross-platform mLearning solutions
  • How to tag content in your application and enable it to send the xAPI statements

Intermediate designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:
PhoneGap, Ionic, the xAPI and TinCanJS.