Business moves fast. Does your learning team struggle to keep up sometimes? Are you being left out of the loop when updates are made to business tools and processes? Are you leveraging all available tools to keep the knowledge gap as small as possible? Time Warner Cable has a great relationship with its business partners, but these were all questions that it couldn’t answer the way it wanted to.

In this session, learn how a learning team of 18 supports 55,000 employees who change processes and tools continually. When people have questions outside of work, they turn to Google and YouTube; you can leverage the same technology to provide content to them while they are at work. In this session, you will learn a video framework and process to allow business process and tool subject matter experts (SMEs) to create and house their own training videos.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Different processes to create video
  • How to support SMEs so they can create video content
  • How to create a toolkit for your learning team
  • How to blend delivery methods (video and ILT/VILT)
  • How video killed the paper-based training star

Novice designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:
KZO (a video platform), Captivate, and Articulate Storyline.