Organizational learning’s transformation is being driven by two forces: technology and the need for business agility. In the industrial era of the last century, training was the default for organizations, as information was not easily accessible and many work tasks were repeatable. Today the opposite is true; information is plentiful and easily accessed and routine work is being automated, creating a greater need for creativity and problem-solving skills. With employees being increasingly comfortable with job movement, social connection must be the new centerpiece.

In this case study session you will learn how the 70:20:10 principle was made evident and a framework applied to reimage organizational learning from training-focused to social-centric at Systems Made Simple. You will learn how data was used to shift the direction of organizational learning and reshape L&D’s role from course makers to performance consultants. You will see how a reimage strategy leverages new and current technology to increase social and informal learning. And finally, you will learn how to identify and partner with willing conspirators to advance the transformation. Lessons learned will be shared throughout.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The 70:20:10 principle and its alignment to today’s wirearchies
  • To identify the right approaches and technology through work and culture analysis
  • How to communicate with stakeholders by letting data drive decisions
  • The power of consistent messaging to change mindsets
  • The importance of applying frameworks over prescriptive methods

Project managers, managers, directors, and CLOs.

Technology discussed in this session:
Jive, SharePoint,, and