Virtual classroom technologies are not new. In fact, you may already be hosting web-based meetings and training sessions. But are your preparation, delivery, engagement, and evaluation skills good enough to pass CompTIA’s trainer certification tests (CTT+)? Great virtual instructor-led training requires much more than logging in, turning on your microphone, and reading bulleted slides or demonstrating software features. You need to shift your approach to make the very best use of the resources available in WebEx, Adobe Connect, or GoTo webinar and engage learners in meaningful ways.

In this session, you will learn about the questions and answers you need to prepare for in the virtual classroom, and how to deliver virtual training that is as good as or better than face-to-face sessions. You will learn how to prepare for virtual classroom vs. physical classroom training, and the differences that matter the most.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify five key aspects of preparation
  • The 12 competencies that effective virtual trainers exhibit (from CompTIA’s CTT+ certification)
  • About real-life case studies of virtual online trainers
  • How the virtual trainer work style shift might impact you

Trainers, training managers, virtual coaches, and online event producers.

Technology discussed in this session: