Including media in the training you create can be a fantastic way to make your content easier to understand and remember. But you don’t always have the time and budget to hire someone to create these design assets for you, and sometimes stock media just won’t cut it. There is another option, however: creating media yourself, as you likely already have with two tools that can help you out—your smartphone and tablet. By knowing more about the apps and tools that can help you create some of the media needed, and using a device you already own, you can be more efficient and keep project budgets down.

In this session, you’ll explore apps that can help you build animated videos in under an hour, create comics without needing to draw, quickly record your own podcasts, and make people who think they can’t draw look like competent artists. You’ll also learn about the physical tools that can push your mobile devices even further.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to recognize situations where media created in an app can work for a project
  • What apps you can use to easily create images, video, audio recording, and more
  • What basic media design skills you’ll want to develop to push these apps even further
  • What physical tools, such as styluses and stand clips, can help improve the content you create on mobile devices

Novice designers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Adobe Voice, Tayasui Sketches, Comic Life, and Paper. Physical tools that can be used with these apps, such as the Jot Pro, and Pencil by Fifty Three.