Learning professionals all struggle to measure the transfer of skill from the classroom to the job, especially with geographically dispersed learners. Designers need advice on how to solve this measurement challenge and involve managers in the solution. How do you observe and assess your remote employees performing critical job competencies?

In this session, you will learn through a case study how a remote sales team was evaluated in presenting key information to customers, how their managers were involved and the results. You will learn ways to leverage technology to implement skill assessment and use a framework for evaluators to better know how and what to assess. You will also gain an understanding of the planning steps to support the knowledge needed by learners to be successful in the assessment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Creative ways to leverage technology in order to implement remote skill assessment
  • Considerations for how to involve managers in the observation and evaluation
  • A framework to give to the evaluators so they are confident with how and what to assess
  • Planning steps for supporting learner success in the assessment
  • How to measure success

Intermediate designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:
SurveyGizmo, video conferencing (Lync), and website resources.