Regardless of your industry or job focus, learning management systems remain the central focus for corporate learning and the foundation upon which most types of traditional, informal, social, and mobile learning is built, deployed, and tracked. With numerous industry analysts announcing the death of the LMS, you can't afford to miss this critical update for today’s learning leaders, business decision makers, LMS administrators, and learners of all types.

This session, jointly presented by The eLearning Guild and Adobe Systems, will focus on research findings on the current state of learning management system usage and the future role of learning management systems for corporate training over the next three years, including the most important features needed to meet the needs of the business.  You will explore topics including:

  • What challenges organizations face with learning management systems today
  • The number of LMS providers typically in use within corporations
  • Typical implementation and set-up timeframe
  • LMS satisfaction in organizations, and what drives satisfaction
  • Future purchase plans for LMS products
  • Required future LMS capabilities for mobile learning, gamification, and learner engagement
  • The need for content authoring and LMS integration
  • Desired LMS features and functionality over the next three years