If you visit a Fortune 500 website today, what you see is not created by handcrafting a webpage. Amazon and Netflix recommendations, too, are not completed by someone watching your particular behavior and cobbling together those for you; instead, it’s a set of rules and tagged content. It’s quite likely that when you visit a site, it may be different than when others visit the same site. This isn’t magic, but it’s also not just your everyday content creation process—it’s a content strategy fueled by content systems. And these changes in traditional marketing have big implications for eLearning.

The future is within reach: personalized, even adaptive, learning; the costs are nontrivial, too. In this session, you’ll learn what’s happening and what it takes to be effective in areas such as content engineering, content management, content models, and content systems. We’ll review the elements, evaluate the tradeoffs, and identify the steps along the way so you can start putting together your content strategy for organizational eLearning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How a content “system” differs from content creation
  • The elements of content engineering, management, and models
  • How content strategy and systems will affect eLearning design and delivery
  • The opportunity and financial costs associated with applying a content strategy

Managers and executives interested in the future of content and learning.

Technology discussed in this session: