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DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo - October 1, 2015

Ben Betts

Chief Executive Officer
Learning Pool

The importance of social factors in learning are well established. But knowing how to best influence and impact these factors remains something of a mystery to most organizations. A number of thought-leaders have suggested you can’t do much of anything to impact social learning in the workplace. They are wrong. You can design social learning opportunities and measure their impact. Drawing on research, and from our experiences of working with some of the leading organizations in the world, we’ve developed our own social-learning playbook. Now we invite you to develop your own, based on the framework we provide.

In this session you will develop your playbook on how to make the most of the opportunities social learning provides. Punctuated by insights from real-world studies and supported by learning data, you will gain a series of insights to help you with the successful design and deployment of social learning and enable you to proceed with confidence and direction.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What makes for effective social-learning experiences
  • The asynchronous and real-time design techniques used to facilitate social learning
  • Applicable design techniques for your situation
  • How to use data to prove the impact you are having

Intermediate and advanced managers and directors with some background in the notion of social learning and/or the 70/20/10 framework. Even better … you’ve tried to develop a more social-learning experience of your own.

Technology discussed in this session:
Common social-learning tools by way of example such as Yammer, SharePoint, or Jive. However, this session is more a tactical exercise than a technical demonstration. The tools you use are likely to be the ones at your disposal.


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