B.Y.O.L.: Top Tips for Adobe Presenter Users

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DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo - October 1, 2015

Joe Ganci

eLearning Joe

Pooja Jaisingh

Lead eLearning Evangelist

Adobe Presenter works perfectly in some situations and not others. Knowing when to use a particular tool is half the battle. Adobe Presenter features many new possibilities for you to use it if the situation calls for it.

In this interactive session, you will learn how and when to use features like learner collaboration as a way to bring authentic conversation into your course module, speech to text and annotation to enable a personal video creation, and how to use the drag-and-drop interface to create meaningful and engaging interactions without any programming and right inside Microsoft PowerPoint. This session will focus on the best features of Adobe Presenter and give you the tips that make using Presenter a delight!

In this session, you will learn:

  • When to use Adobe Presenter and when not to use it
  • Which features in Adobe Presenter make your learning shine
  • How to incorporate real interactivity into your learning
  • How to balance what PowerPoint offers with the features of Presenter

Novice and intermediate designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Adobe Presenter.

Participant technology requirements:
Laptop with Adobe Presenter, licensed or trial version.


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