Why is it so hard to engage participants in your virtual sessions? Are you not sure of the best tools or techniques to use? Engagement isn’t easy, as delivering in a virtual environment is different than in a live classroom setting. It takes practice and know-how. So what is the key to stop learners from multitasking and really get involved in the session? If you can’t answer this question, there’s a chance you aren’t effectively engaging your learners.

In this session, we will address what it really means to engage participants. In other words, let’s not just use this word, let’s define it and implement it. You will learn the techniques, examples, and best practices to effectively accomplish learner engagement. You will learn how to address (and overcome) all the things you don’t like about attending a virtual session in order to make your own session attention grabbing. You will walk away with practical ideas to implement immediately to deliver an engaging virtual session.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to build rapport with a virtual audience
  • How to create opportunities for engagement
  • How to encourage classroom discussions
  • How to create effective content
  • How to use the right tools for delivery

Novice and intermediate designers with some experience delivering virtual sessions.

Technology discussed in this session:
Adobe Connect, Poll Everywhere.

Participant technology requirements:
Load the Adobe Connect prior to the start of the session.