The holy grail of all learning is retention (and subsequent behavior change). Relevance drives retention. And we have no faster path to relevance than through effective stories. Stories engage us and trigger our imagination to take us places. We’ve all read about the importance of storytelling, we’ve listened to webcasts, maybe we’ve even bought a book or two about effective storytelling. Storytelling is a major buzzword today, but how can we effectively use storytelling in learning solutions?

In this session you will explore the basic framework of story, but we won’t stop there. We will discuss story arcs and the ways of creating your learning journey around a story—not just sharing a story. You will learn how to use story inside of learning opportunities. Can our learning solutions become a story or do they just use stories? Learn how story can improve learning of dry subjects such as ethics or business conduct, and finally, identify when a storytelling approach is most and least appropriate to use.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to distinguish between your learning containing a story and being crafted around a story
  • The elements of a story that make it come alive
  • The structures (story arcs) we can use to craft a story
  • Practical resources you can use to help you transform your learning from containing a story to revolving around a story

Novice to advanced designers and managers.