Combining Curiosity, Creativity, and the World of Learning & Performance Support

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mLearnCon 2015 - June 11, 2015

Conrad Gottfredson

Chief Learning Strategist
APPLY Synergies

Oliver Kern

Head of SkillCamp
Bayer CropScience

It isn’t enough to build performance support solutions that are instructionally and technologically sound. Motivation and engagement are essential to ensure actual organizational impact. Engagement and creativity can be engineered and trained. They can also be incorporated into the actual design of learning and performance solutions. 

In this session you will gain an overview of the discipline and research around curiosity, creativity, and engagement. You will learn how curiosity, creativity, and engagement can be intentionally incorporated into the overall organizational learning and performance strategy and you will assess your own thinking profile to determine your own preferences in the areas of curiosity, creativity, and engagement. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • About research related to curiosity and creativity as it applies to engagement
  • How you can intentionally foster these traits
  • How to enhance your strategy via creativity and curiosity
  • How to assess your own creativity and curiosity. 

Intermediate and advanced managers and directors. 

Technology discussed in this session:


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