When thinking about training and performance support, it should not be an either /or proposition. The most effective mobile learning solutions should provide ways to support both! During the Mobile Training Implementation Framework (MoTIF) research project, ADL collected data and feedback from many mLearning and performance support experts. One of the tools developed as part of this effort is a new reference model for mLearning design.

 In this session you will learn about the mLearning Reference Model, which embodies and integrates mobile learning constraints and best practices at the fundamental level of the design process itself, leading the ISD to consider using alternative learning approaches, unique mobile device capabilities, and leveraging context and usage patterns of users in ways that desktop DL and classroom learning do not usually address. The model is designed as a support tool for ISDs, with flowcharts and outlines guiding the user through the process.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Information and insights gleaned through literature reviews, focus groups, and surveys on mLearning design and mobile performance support
  • About ADL’s Mobile Training Implementation Framework research project and the how the reference model was created
  • How to use the mLearning Reference Model for authoritative, comprehensive guidance on mLearning and performance support design
  • How to determine when mobile content can be designed to support both training and performance support objectives

Novice and intermediate designers and project managers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Mobile Learning Instructional Design Reference Model (ADL custom desktop application).