Are you searching for ways to build upon your instructional design skills to design effectively for mobile? There are significant differences between designing for mLearning and for eLearning, but many instructional designers are unaware of what those differences are, let alone how to approach design for mobile devices. 

In this session, you will experiment with online tools that can help you practice better mobile design. Using a simple rapid design approach, you will explore different tools for mapping and designing your mobile interaction. You will also build a tappable mobile prototype. You will leave this session with the skills to begin the process of creating your own mobile solutions. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • To explore a simple rapid design approach for mobile
  • To practice mapping your mobile content
  • To create a wireframe for your mobile projects
  • How to build a basic mobile prototype 

Novice to advanced designers and developers. 

Technology discussed in this session:
Mindmeister, POP App. 


Session Video