Everyone wants just-in-time learning at the moment of need. Google set the expectation for this. “What I want to know, when I want to know it, and how I choose to learn it” is not only what employees expect, but this model has proven to improve business outcomes. As a learning leader you want to provide a performance support learning model, but that requires executive support, funding, IT support, and more. A performance support model requires changing the conversation with all the stakeholders.

In this session you will explore how the Learning Model Canvas is used to create a story for changing the mindset and mechanics of an organization to a performance support learning model. You will learn the top-two learning organization patterns and top-five learning organization models. Using examples of each, you will be able to identify your current model, the dependencies needed for implementing a performance support learning model, and actionable next steps for getting started in your workplace.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The two key patterns and five top learning organization models in use today (one is performance support)
  • How to create a story to have consulting-like conversations with executive leadership to gain buy-in
  • The steps to implementing a performance support learning model
  • How to measure the effectiveness of learning provided through a performance support model

Novice to advanced managers, project managers, and VPs with an understanding of the learning tools available within their organization.

Technology discussed in this session:
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Session Video