The shift towards performance support is a journey—a journey that is just beginning for many organizations. For other organizations, the journey has been ongoing. They have encountered challenges and barriers and built strategies to overcome them. There is much that can be learned from an organization that has already travelled down the performance support road. 

In this session you will learn from a case study on how Bayer CropScience set up a marketing and sales learning framework for their organization. You will discover how performance support became a pivotal component in their approach to shaping functional skills and contributing to achieving business outcomes. You will learn many tips as you shape your own path towards performance support. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • How Bayer CropScience approached performance support from a business perspective
  • The key challenges for developing a functional learning and performance framework
  • The successes and lessons learned while implementing this framework
  • How the Bayer CropScience solution has journeyed across the performance support maturity model

Intermediate and advanced managers and directors.

Technology discussed in this session: