W.W. Grainger’s Strategy for Shifting the Knowledge-transfer Needle from Traditional Training to Performance Support for a Multi-national ERP Deployment

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Performance Support Symposium 2015 - June 11, 2015

Jeff Merrill

Training Manager
WW Grainger

Paul O Keeffe

Managing Director

Barry Smith

Client Partner

W.W. Grainger, a global industrial supply distribution company with thousands of users across 369 branches, 15 distribution centers, and a growing online presence, needs to prepare their end-users for a big change: an SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) deployment supporting the business in Mexico and Canada. Multiple geographically dispersed locations make traditional instructor-led training expensive, complicated, and risky.

Grainger has chosen an advanced system cloning tool to avoid live training environments, and a state-of-the-art EPSS tool, Assima’s Vimago, to move the knowledge-transfer needle from traditional training to performance support. The project has a significant focus on Adoption of the new systems. Beyond online help, Grainger will also leverage the EPSS system to provide real-time analytics for end-user adoption. In this session you will hear Grainger’s business case and adoption approach as they progress through their EPSS strategy, project planning, securing stakeholder buy-in, and deployment planning.


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