Let’s support the WHOLE job. Provide what learners need even when they don’t know what they need. In discussions about training in the workplace, the focus is too often on the satisfaction of the learner or worker. It is time to turn our attention to other stakeholders—business leaders and subject matter experts. A lot of time, attention, and money are often dedicated to ensuring the worker has the ability to search for and find answers to questions or guidance they need. However, when there are changes to systems, processes, markets, customers, equipment, environment, organization, or any aspect of the business, they may not even be aware they are missing information.

During this session, you will examine scenarios in which workers need a PUSH of information to them in order to complete their work easily and be compliant. You will also explore how the business leader or expert can push the information, validate receipt and comprehension, and rest easy knowing the risk to the business has been reduced.