Content generated in business silos, information spread out in many locations, out-of-date, inaccurate, and redundant information everywhere, too much stuff and not enough time to keep it current, and business processes and systems changing rapidly with no process to keep content sources current. Do these problems sound familiar to you? These are growing issues in business, and they require new solutions.

In this session you will learn how Northwestern Mutual developed a knowledge management solution that cut across department lines, made it easy to keep content up-to-date, and focused on getting employees the information they need when they need it and how they need it. You will also learn how SharePoint was used with a limited budget and a tight timeframe. You will discuss deliverables related to knowledge management governance, content organization, user experience, search, authoring guidelines and writing standards, archiving and upkeep, and workflows.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How SharePoint can be used out of the box to deliver a low-cost solution to knowledge management
  • How the systems of knowledge management can be improved to keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment
  • The importance of involving stakeholders of all levels of the organization in the knowledge management process
  • Mistakes to avoid because we made them for you
  • Tips to accelerate any knowledge management journey
  • How to use a knowledge management system to deliver performance support

Novice managers, directors, and VPs.

Technology discussed in this session:
SharePoint 2010.