For almost 20 years, learning management systems (LMS) have been a mainstay of any training organization, particularly those engaged in eLearning and other forms of online learning. LMS vendors have emerged and consolidated and capabilities have matured; some systems have even expanded into HR-related areas such as talent management and workforce analytics. Despite these changes, learning management systems continue to have one primary objective: to track and report learning. But learning is just a means to an end: Organizations train their employees so that they can build expertise and perform their respective jobs.

In this session you will explore how one organization has shifted its strategy and systems away from learning management and towards expertise management. You will discuss how rather than mandating courses, sequencing them into learning plans, and defining arbitrary deadlines, learning content is organized into areas of expertise and openly available to all employees to consume at their own discretion. You will examine how employees can earn expertise points through everyday learning activities such as reading an article, referencing performance support, sharing expertise with a peer, or receiving an endorsement from a stakeholder or customer.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The connection between learning, expertise, and performance
  • To identify the deficiencies between learning management systems and performance
  • The benefits of how an expertise management approach can enable performance through continuous learning
  • To identify the transformational steps on how to transition from learning management to expertise management

Novice and intermediate managers, directors, and VPs.

Technology discussed in this session:
Segno expertise management system.

Session Video