People learn without training. What?! It’s true, and every organization has a complex learning ecosystem made up of various elements. While some of these elements are formal training offerings, the majority are informal knowledge channels that L&D usually doesn’t support and may not even know about. Because many L&D professionals don’t acknowledge or understand these elements, they are unable to leverage them alongside formal support offerings to drive employee knowledge growth and performance improvement within an integrated learning ecosystem.

In this session you will discuss how Kaplan Higher Education Group evolved its learning and performance ecosystem to address the need for rapid scalability while continuing to focus on the needs of the individual knowledge worker. You will explore Kaplan’s journey from reliance on training events to awareness, influence, and expansion of an employee-centric ecosystem. You will discover simple strategies that enhance the elements that compose an integrated, self-sustaining learning ecosystem.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To identify the elements that make up a learning and performance ecosystem
  • To diagnose the health of your existing learning and performance ecosystem
  • How to recognize the value of establishing a solid knowledge base for your learning and performance ecosystem
  • To apply right-fit, scalable technology to align your ecosystem elements to how people really learn
  • How to start the shift towards an employee-centered, self-sustaining learning and performance ecosystem

Intermediate designers, managers, directors, and VPs.

Technology discussed in this session:
Confluence (wiki), Axonify (reiterative eLearning platform), Google Analytics (data reporting), Adobe Connect (virtual instructor delivery).

Session Video