Learning and performance ecosystems are fast becoming a key organizing framework for enterprise learning. This new way of looking at organizations shifts the way we build our learning and performance strategies. But how does this new way of thinking change how we do needs analysis, design, and measurement?

In this session you will learn more about how ecosystems are designed and measured and how you might approach needs analysis with an ecosystem mindset. You will discuss learning and performance solution design considerations in the context of an ecosystem framework and be introduced to additional case studies, and you will have an opportunity to consider how a learning and performance ecosystem perspective enhances the charter of the L&D organization. There will be extensive time for discussion during the session.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How a learning and performance ecosystem impacts up-front needs analysis activities
  • New design considerations in an ecosystem environment
  • How to measure the impact of ecosystem solutions
  • How learning and performance ecosystems will influence the L&D function

Novice and intermediate managers, directors, and VPs.

Technology discussed in this session:


Session Video