Training and eLearning courses are incredibly important, but they aren’t enough. When a worker needs to deal with an exception, there’s little chance of the worker being able to remember what they learned from a training experience weeks, months, or years earlier. What workers need in those circumstances is easy access to resources that can help them perform a task or solve the problem, right in the moment. This enables workers to receive support while working, a growing need with the increasing speed of business.

In this panel discussion you will explore how performance support is increasingly being used by organizations to enhance the effectiveness of workplace performance and extend the value of training programs. You will explore traditional models of performance support like job aids, checklists, and other non-technical resources. You will discuss why interest in performance support has seen a resurgence, powered by technological advances like smartphones that have opened the door to new and exciting opportunities for performance support.

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Scott McCormick

CEO, Emergent Enterprise

Frank Nguyen

Learning Executive

Adam Weisblatt

Learning Systems Strategist, Blank Page Learning

Gary Wise

Founder/Principal Strategist, Human Performance Outfitters