Neuroscience is everywhere these days: in the news, on our TV dramas, and in our conversations about training and education. But how can you separate the science from the hype? It is challenging to find practical, affordable actions you can take now to leverage the promise of neuroscience in the adult learning industry.

In this interactive session you will evaluate your current training programs and technology and see how they compare against recent discoveries about the brain and how we learn. You will start with a quick exploration of the foundational concepts in neuroscience. From there you will use a brain-based approach to learning first-hand, resulting in the completion of a blueprint for implementing brain-based learning for your organization and budget.

You will leave this session understanding how to become a better learner yourself, as you implement the fundamental science of learning on an organizational and personal scale.        

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to separate hype from significant content relating to neuroscience and human performance
  • How to present a compelling business case for brain-based learning to stakeholders
  • How to evaluate your current training and education programs in light of relevant discoveries in neuroscience
  • How to write a blueprint for retooling your current organization to be more brain friendly
  • How to apply neuroscience research techniques to measure the effectiveness of training                                                               

Novice to advanced designers, developers, project managers, and managers

Technology discussed in this session:
Bio feedback devices and psychometrics, learning management systems (LMS), eLearning authoring tools (Captivate and Storyline), virtual classroom technologies (WebEx, Adobe Connect, etc.)


Session Video