In 2013, University of South Florida switched to a brand-new LMS. Every instructional designer was faced with the question: How was it going to help its faculty and students learn and adopt this new LMS? Everyone was a stakeholder in this change and had the challenge to facilitate the adoption of a new LMS in a positive and successful manner.

In this session participants will learn from a case study exploring how the university collaborated closely to develop strategies that helped to promote the adoption of a new LMS in a positive manner. You will explore the various strategies used to aid in the transition, including train-the-trainer sessions, faculty focus groups, developing processes for sharing information, ongoing workshops for faculty and staff, working with information technology to normalize process, converting courses to run in the new LMS, planning for and hiring new staff to handle increased workloads due to LMS transition, and coordinating efforts to reach out to students.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To describe what an LMS transition entails
  • To analyze the challenges faced in an LMS transition
  • To illustrate strategies that can be used to facilitate an LMS transition
  • To list the advantages of planning for an LMS transition

Novice to advanced designers, project managers, managers, and educators.

Technology discussed in this session:
BlackBoard and Canvas LMSs.


Session Video