Have you ever wanted to throw your computer out of the window because your WYSIWYG cannot translate your design vision to the screen? Starting with the built-in buttons gets you only so far and rarely far enough. Moreover, switching from the visual editor to the HTML editor can be daunting. Today’s instructional designers need to find ways to bridge the frustrating gap between the interface design of the learning element and the limited capabilities of the WYSIWYG.

In this session you will unleash your inner technomancer, and explore the magical rituals that will transform your eLearning vision into reality. You will explore a number of starting tags that you can use immediately to improve your designs. You will examine a number of resources that can be used to discover new tags. You will leave this session with proven techniques for extending and circumventing the limited capabilities of the WYSIWYG environment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use a variety of starting tags (float, iFrame, inline links) for immediate implementation
  • Where and how to discover new tags
  • How to evaluate common code options for use in your design
  • How to build upon and style the visual editor tags

Novice and intermediate designers and developers with a general working knowledge of WYSIWYG, plain text vs. rich/HTML editing, and how basic HTML works.

Technology discussed in this session:
WYSIWYG, HTML, CSS tags, and Canvas LMS.