A new employee’s onboarding is one of the most important learning events in an employee’s career. However, lots of organizations fail to set up a true learning-focused onboarding program. They tend to handle it like stuffing a turkey on Thanksgiving, with lots and lots of information in a very short timeframe. Instead of inspiring new members of the team, they kill motivation by using boring presentations and eReading instead of eLearning. In today’s workplace, we have a lot of tools and technology that can add value and that will greatly improve this critical learning moment.

In this inspiring session, you will design a new onboarding program built upon technology. You will discover uses for augmented reality in onboarding, explore iBeacons and how you can use them, and discuss how to flip your onboarding to make it much more social. You will also examine how you can use cutting-edge mobile technologies to enhance the onboarding experience. You will leave this session with a number of ideas to make onboarding a motivating learning experience for your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What makes a good onboarding program
  • How to Flip onboarding
  • How to use augmented reality and iBeacons in onboarding
  • How to use smart glasses in an onboarding program
  • Good social media practices in onboarding

Novice designers and managers.

Technology discussed in this session:
iBeacons, smart glasses, and social media.