Training is simply another function of business, so why don’t learning professionals treat training as a business? Many currently view eLearning and mLearning as short-cuts to training-expense reduction. Internally, training’s credibility is fragile and its value and validity is always in question. Concepts such as return on investment have been touted as the solution to this credibility gap. Training’s credibility will continue to be lacking until we better understand the business and financial context training has within an organization.

In this session you will learn to communicate training issues in the same language as your business leaders. You will discover why learning professionals are unable to gain organizational support for training and eLearning and mLearning initiatives. You will explore the misrepresentation of “training ROI” and how to better present a business case for a learning initiative. You will leave this session better prepared to communicate the value of your next training initiative.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To understand credibility-building items that management require
  • The expectations of each level of management
  • How to itemize the capitalizable ROI elements for learning
  • How to translate Kirkpatrick’s evaluation into business terms
  • How to communicate an effective business message for learning and development

Novice and intermediate project managers, managers, directors, and VPs.

Technology discussed in this session: