eLearning has had a good run. It will always have a home in our organizations, but change is in the air. New learners, new social technologies, declining resources, the rise of informal learning, and innovations in learning design are all converging to change how we must think about using technology for learning.

In this session you will join an open discussion exploring the changing social and technical landscape at work and the implications these changes have for learning. You will develop a greater understanding of how eLearning will change in the near future. You will explore the role of curation as part of your learning strategy. You will leave this session with a realistic roadmap to begin using social learning tools and technologies strategically to support organizational learning and performance improvement.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to make sense of social and informal learning approaches
  • How eLearning acts as seed content in communities of practice and social media environments
  • How curating digital learning content develops employees
  • How eLearning can and will adapt in the emerging social workplace

Novice and intermediate designers and developers with understanding of instructional design and eLearning and some interest in social learning.               

Technology discussed in this session: