Flat design seems to be everywhere now. It’s the new look of our computer operating systems, our apps, websites, posters, book covers, and so many other places. Is this just a new fad or is this a fabulous new design trend that we in the eLearning industry need to pay more attention to in order to understand the fine points of flat design?

In this session participants will discuss the many advantages—and disadvantages—that are associated with flat design. You will look deeper into the fine details of flat design that instructional designers should be aware of and how to ensure we are using it appropriately. You will separate the hype from flat design and understand where it works effectively. You will leave this session with an understanding of whether this design style is just a passing fad or a trend we should be embracing.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What flat design is and why it is significant
  • The advantages and benefits of using flat design
  • The disadvantages and risks of using flat design
  • The differences between flat and skeuomorphic designs, and how/when to decide which to use
  • Where to find examples, inspiration, and resources to create your own flat designs

Novice and intermediate designers, developers, project managers, and managers with a basic understanding of designing learning.

Technology discussed in this session: