Games and gamification are the latest fads, but getting learners to play games only exposes them to learning content and develops first-level reflexes. This risks confining learning to superficial understanding of the subject matter. We need games to solidify what the trainee has learned, but to do that we must redefine the responsibilities and the role of trainers.

In this session you will explore how you can use games to solidify what was learned by simulating real scenarios, placing the subject of learning back in its context, and creating perspective to build awareness of the impact of choices and alternatives. You will examine how this is possible via games in which the learners themselves author the content. You will leave this session understanding how learner-created games immerse learners in the content and enhance logic, strategy, style, and form, regardless of the subject matter.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How a new generation of tools is about to emerge and transform training techniques
  • How learners can be authors of content and be motivated by that role
  • How trainers can plan their training sessions around learners’ creativity
  • How non-linear logic leads to a deeper perception of the subject matter
  • How collaboration can be an exciting and creative experience
  • How creating permanent open-ended objects leads to longer-term engagement in learning
  • How trainers can share and support one another in original ways

Novice to advanced designers, developers, project managers, managers, and directors with a sensitivity to the importance of motivation as a factor of effective learning.

Technology discussed in this session: