Learning professionals have long battled what is allowable from an organization’s IT group. Understanding why IT has these issues is the best method of lowering these barriers. In today’s world, data theft has become big business. The IT group sees allowing personal laptops and mobile devices onto organizational networks as a surefire method to data disaster. As such, IT groups often shut all the doors to minimize risks. Opening those doors can yield huge benefits and can be relatively easy—if you know how.

In this session you will learn how easy it is for someone to infiltrate your learning program and use it to attack your organization. You will learn a number of rules you need to employ during development to ensure your training remains safe and how following these rules will put your IT department at ease. You will explore how this process will lower the barriers to successful project implementation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why IT likes to say no
  • How to change your online behavior to stay safe and protect your organization
  • Basic mLearning development rules to keep your product clean
  • How easy it is for an attacker to infiltrate your organization’s IT infrastructure
  • How to ensure your mLearning development is not a cause for concern

Novice to advanced designers, developers, project managers, and directors.

Technology discussed in this session:
HTML, Base64, Android, and iPhone.