Changing technologies, changing learner behaviors and characteristics, and the way that content is delivered today all impact how learning should be architected. As learning professionals, what are we to make of the explosion of new technologies and their promise to transform how we learn?

In this session participants will be introduced to key considerations for integrating the promise of technologies such as collaboration tools, social networks, and more, into effective learning solutions that achieve tangible results. You will discuss how new technologies and business trends are fundamentally impacting the way we communicate, learn, and share information at work, home, and in our communities. You will examine how to leverage technologies in the context of broader business and social trends to make an impact in your organization.

You will explore a framework upon which new learning programs that leverage new technologies can be implemented.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify traits and characteristics of learners today
  • To assess how new technologies have changed how learning content is offered
  • Relevant industry examples that showcase how technology is used to better enable learning
  • To define a framework from which blended learning design can stem

Novice and intermediate designers, managers, and directors with a general knowledge of instructional design principles.

Technology discussed in this session:
A variety of leading edge technologies, tools, and examples of new learning (Yammer, TedEd, QStream, etc.), including the corporate MOOC.