B.Y.O.L.: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Interactivity in Captivate

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DevLearn 2014 Conference & Expo - October 29, 2014

Joe Ganci

eLearning Joe

Pooja Jaisingh

Lead eLearning Evangelist

It’s all too easy to create boring eLearning with any authoring tool, including Adobe Captivate. What we need to engage learners is to make them interact with the content, not just watch and listen. Interaction does not mean just hitting next, back, and menu, nor does it mean just pressing a glossary button or a mute button. It means pulling the learner into the content and having interactivity involve them at the level of doing, not just seeing.

In this hands-on session, participants will explore the various ways that Adobe Captivate can provide opportunities to provide learners with true interactivity. You will examine ready-made interactions along with drag and drop and other interactive elements. You will discover how quiz questions can be used to engage learners along the way as well. You will leave this session having covered all of the ways you can have your eLearning lessons interact with the learner....yes, all of the ways.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To use Captivate’s built-in interactions
  • To use buttons, click areas, roll overs, and drag and drop
  • To use quiz questions for more than just quizzing
  • To engage learners in every way possible

Novice and intermediate designers and developers with a passing understanding of Captivate.

Technology discussed in this session:
Adobe Captivate.

Participant technology requirements:
A laptop with Adobe Captivate installed.


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